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Grease Stains on your Driveway?

Should you go with DIY or Pro?

When it comes to driveways, their care has a tendency to be overlooked by many of us proud homeowners. At the end of the day we only really see them when we're driving up to our home, sweet home.

Growing up in a city on the east coast, all of our driveways we're in a shared alley in back of the homes. So our their appearances had no effect whatsoever in curb appeal. But things are different in the gorgeous town of Las Vegas. What outsiders may see as a fast-paced wild town, we see as home. We know the neighborhoods, we know the people, and we take pride in where we live.

Las Vegas has some of the most beautiful homes in the United States, and I'm not just talking about the mansions. There's a reason everyone wants to move here. Where else can you have quite neighborhoods while living twenty minutes or less to a global attraction like Las Vegas Strip? Feel free to comment below if you know a place.

But back to grease stains and driveways. What actually inspired this entry was a memory of the time my aunt made me clean a grease stain in our driveway as a preteen. I remember thinking that she was some type of genius for teaching me what kitty litter can do! What once used to be known as old home remedies is now wildly available online. You'll find the kitty litter, sawdust, and even Coca-Cola methods to clean grease stains, and if you have the time and energy, why not give it a go? Here's an article with even more options for you to try. There are two main things about these home remedies that might make you reconsider: 1. You will be doing a LOT of scrubbing. 2. With some methods, and lack of technique you could help sink a grease stain farther into your driveway surface, or even make it spread like a plume. Thankfully this isn't what happened when I gave it a try as a kid, and even though I lifted the excess grease, that stain is still there to this day.

As an adult taking care of my own home, pressure washing has been a life-save. Not only does it save you from the back-breaking labor, but it offers lasting results. It's an inexpensive facelift for you home that literally blasts years (or what looks like years) right off. When it comes to Las Vegas homes, this matters. If you've every watched drone videos of other cities, you'll find that Vegas looks rather pristine in comparison to many. That's because we upkeep or neighborhoods and our homes around here!

So when it comes to this year's Spring Cleaning, do yourself a favor and call the pros to handle it. What would be a continuous Spring project that runs into summer for you is only a days job to us! Let Las Vegas Pressure Washing do the dirty work so you can get to the barbeques!

Before picture:

This driveway had grease stains and tire marks and that gorgeous artisan brickwork just wasn't shining through. In no time at all, we have that driveway looking as if it were just paved. Giving our customers the curb appeal their beautiful home deserves.

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