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How much does Pressure Washing cost?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

When looking to get the exterior of your home cleaned, finding the right company can be tedious. Finding someone to get the job done may be easy with the internet at our fingers, but how does one know how much a pressure washing job SHOULD cost?

Let the search begin! If you are finding us online, you've probably also seen other companies as well. You may be asking yourself: which pressure washer in Las Vegas is going to do a quality job at a fair price?

As a family-owned and operated business here in Las Vegas, we have a vested interest in giving quality results we can be proud of at a price that fits what work is actually required to get the job done right. Our satisfaction guarantee is why we don't expect our customer's cleaning needs to fit a cookie-cutter price. Every home is different, and no two jobs are exactly alike.

We have found the best way to uphold our satisfaction guarantee, while making it easier for our fellow Las Vegas locals to get the best bang for their buck! If you've wondered why we don't have flat pricing listed with our services, this is because the cleaning of one driveway, can (and often does) entail more than another. While one customer may need built up dust and debris blasted from their driveway bricks, another may need grease removal.

Although people might flock to us if we were to advertise $40 Pressure Washing, most people need something cleaned that requires a little more TLC. That's where the add-ons and upsells come in, and that can really end up costing in the end.

With Las Vegas Pressure Washing, we'd rather be more upfront and personable. We like for our customers to tell us what they need done, we tell them what that entails, go through a brief plan of action, and then offer a fair price for the work with the assurance that if there's something that may need a bit more attention than we proposed, we'll take care of it without the nickel-and-dime game. Everything we do is custom, and our customers are the experts. At the end of the day, we don't feel that we have gained a customer until we complete the job and receive their thumbs up!

We've also taken things a step further. With our company's history in Christmas Lighting, we specialize in roof cleaning, naturally. We have a thing for Las Vegas rooftops, we'll admit it. It's definitely one of the toughest and most dangerous places to get clean as a homeowner, making the service itself more costly than a patio cleaning. A forethought that gets missed is the mess that dirty run-off water leaves on the rest of your home. Here, you had plans to impress your in-laws with your clean home only to have them be greeted with a house striped with streaks of dirt. This is why we offer our Whole Home Exterior Cleaning, to get rid of that headache.

Instead of having a company, or multiple companies come back and do one job after the next, costing you more money and time in the long run, let Las Vegas Pressure Washing get your entire home cleaned in one go. So don't let your larger cleaning needs scare you, because they don't scare us! If you need tough cleaning tackled, we not only have that covered, but we'll make it easy for your to get your home sparkling cleaned from Rooftop to Driveway at a straight-forward and fair price.

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