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Let's Talk about Spanish Roof Tile

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

So the technical name for the roofing style that is a common in the South West, and architectural staple here in Las Vegas is "barrel roof tile," but that just doesn't sound fancy enough. Some refer to them as "Double Roman." Now, I like that one. It sounds STRONG; Vegas Strong! But how many know it by that name? Only the super-fancy, but this is Vegas, baby and some of us are about that life!

Most people thinking of Las Vegas know about the city's lights from casinos and the fast-paced party life on the Strip. But of course, for us, the locals; the families of this fine city are more about the homes. Rightfully so because we're the ones living here.

You can find Spanish Roof Tile capping almost every home in the Las Vegas Valley. What was once "The Meadows" is now a valley of terracotta colored roofs. And after taking a trip out of town, these beautiful shades of reds, browns, rosy-amber, and the rare treat of green are first to greet us and let us know we're home.

Whether you have the familiar concrete or the classic and authentic terracotta shingles on top of your home, you also get to save a bit more on your energy bill during these hot desert summers. So it's not all vanity; sensibility is a factor as well. The fact is when you live in a city where 110 degrees Fahrenheit is normal for months in a row, that gorgeous sensible tile may be saving you more than you've realized.

The only qualm I've heard with Spanish Roof Tile is how hard it is to walk on. Some say that it's nearly impossible, so of course, we made it a Sandhill Home Services specialty. That's just how we roll.

As I look at the city from a Google Map on satellite mode I notice more and more solar panels gracing the rooftops of Las Vegas. It's interesting to watch over time. Solar panels have countless benefits, but from what we've learned in the business, there's also no better way to attract feathered friends and their droppings to your lovely home. But who can really blame a bird for wanting to make a home and start a family on a gorgeous roof with a canopy of shade? Homeowners. That's who. As solar panels top more homes, bird remediation is becoming a much-needed service. So, of course, we've got that handled! So whether you need dirty-birdy-work done, of just need your annual cleaning to bring out those rich colors of your tiles, Las Vegas Pressure Washing can more than handle the job!

So there ya have it. The skinny on the Spanish Roof Tiles of Las Vegas. What kind of roof do you have?

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