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Power Washing Bench

Pressure Washing, 

Power Washing, and Soft Washing

Knowing which method is right for cleaning needs is what we specialize in. Let our experts help you find the best solution!

Roof Cleaning and Pest Defense

In Las Vegas, we love our Spanish Tile roofs. Let us help that beautiful terracotta color come though! We also provide the solutions and supplies to clean your solar panels, and to keep the birds from choosing your roof to leave their mess.

Backyard Washing

Whole Home Exterior Cleaning

Call and ask about our Whole Home services to get all of your outdoor Spring Cleaning needs met!

We do everything from roof, windows, to driveways! Let your home be our next project.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

High ceilings come with tall windows! Let us bring out the ladders and have the glass surfaces of your home sparkling clean!

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal & Driveway Cleaning

Save the elbow grease for something else! Our pressure washing professional have got you covered.

Concrete Staining and Concrete Sealing


When the most thorough of cleanings isn't enough, we provided another solution guaranteed to delivery just-like-new, if not better-than-new results!

Our concrete staining will have your outdoor living space looking like something out of a magazine.

For extra protection, and a sometimes more preferred aesthetic concrete sealing can give your outdoor living space a total revamp!

Commercial Pressure Wash Services

Las Vegas Pressure Washing provides Sign Cleaning and Bulb Replacement, Window Washing, Bird Remediation Services, and more for office parks and commercial properties.

Las Vegas Pressure Washing is fully licensed and insured.

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